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Homes and Houses Photography

Creating viewings for your property is the role of photography in home sales – the photos need to show off the space as well as create a feel for the property.

Our home photography service gives you the edge you need to attract the right buyers and speed up that sale.


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2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 5 Bedrooms, 6 Bedrooms

This package captures interior photos of all your rooms using the very latest Flash and camera techniques, views of the outside of your house from each side, images of your garden and optionally, we can create an aerial photo with our drone.

To book your photo shoot, from the drop-down list, please choose the number of bedrooms your home has, then using either your credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Play, you can book the session.

Once booked, we organise a mutually convenient time for your photoshoot, meet at the property and create the marketing images.

We strongly recommend you are present for this shoot so you can ensure everything in each room is how you’d like it capturing.

We typically include in this package

  • One wide-angle overview photo of every room in the property
  • 1 or 2 additional wide-angle photo of the main living rooms and kitchen if appropriate
  • 1- 4 External photos of the building
  • 1- 4 Photos of the garden
  • Up to 5 “detail” photos of each room, to show off any interesting features or luxuries

Preparation for your photoshoot

It’s well worth spending time “decluttering” your rooms in advance of the photoshoot. Rooms with fewer things in look brighter and larger, but also it gives it more of a “showroom” feel which will help increase viewings. This could be simply temporarily boxing things to put into the garage.

Consider getting attractive props such as:-

  • Fresh flowers
  • Teapot and cups
  • Coffee press, milk jug and cup
  • Fresh fruit in bowls
  • Bottle of wine with glasses

These all add to the lifestyle side of your images.

On the shoot day, we will be photographing the home as it is presented to us, so to get the most from your photography investment it’s well worth spending time on this preparation.

Example of a Wide Angle Overview Image


Example of a Detail Image


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