Yorkshire Drone Photography and Video: The Sky’s The Limit!

Yorkshire Drone Photography

Yorkshire Drone Photography: Elevating Your Visuals to New Heights

In the stunning landscapes of Yorkshire, drone photography is transforming the way we capture and appreciate our surroundings. By leveraging the latest drone technology, including commercial drones equipped with stunning 4K video capabilities, professional photography services in both West and North Yorkshire are reaching new heights. Whether it’s for film production, detailed roof surveys, construction projects, cool team photos from on high or simply to showcase the beauty of Yorkshire, drone photography offers a unique perspective that ground-based photography can’t match.
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Introduction to Yorkshire Drone Photography

Imagine seeing the vast moors, rugged coastlines, and historical cities of Yorkshire from a completely new vantage point. Drone photography in Yorkshire makes this possible, bringing together high-quality aerial images and 4K video to provide services that elevate your visuals. From commercial projects in West Yorkshire to capturing the essence of North Yorkshire’s natural beauty, the photography service offered is unparalleled.

The Evolution of Drone Photography in Yorkshire

From our days of simple aerial shots, McFade’s drone photography has evolved into a comprehensive service for capturing the essence of the region and its businesses.

Advances in drone technology have expanded the capabilities of we photographers, allowing for breathtaking footage and images that showcase Yorkshire’s landscapes and landmarks in unprecedented detail. All in just a few years!

Meeting the Standards: CAA Approval and What It Means

Adhering to regulations is paramount in drone aerial photography. CAA approval signifies a drone operator’s compliance with safety and privacy standards, ensuring the responsible use of drones in capturing aerial footage. This approval is a testament to a drone pilot’s expertise and professionalism in the field.

The Importance of Being CAA Licenced for Drone Operations

Obtaining CAA licensure is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a mark of excellence in drone aerial photography. It assures clients that their projects are handled with the utmost safety, respect for privacy, and adherence to the highest standards of safety.

Ade is a GVC Qualified Drone Pilot

With a passion for blending the art of photography with cutting-edge drone technology, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering aerial photography. As a GVC qualified drone pilot, my expertise goes beyond just flying drones. It encompasses a deep understanding of how to capture the essence of a project, ensuring every angle and shot tells a story.

My UAV (posh term for drone) journey began in 2018, driven by a desire to offer more than traditional photography services. The GVC qualification, along with my A2 C of C and Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority, is a testament to my commitment to excellence and safety in drone operations.

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, I bring a local’s love for the landscape to my work. Whether it’s showcasing the rugged beauty of the moors or capturing the architectural marvels of Yorkshire’s cities, my drone photography services offer a unique perspective that adds value to any project.

Diverse Applications of Drone Photography

Drone photography’s versatility is unmatched, serving a wide range of applications across various industries. From construction site monitoring to creating engaging promotional content for estate agents, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to the potential uses of drone photography.

Construction Projects


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In the realm of construction, drone photography has become an indispensable tool. By offering aerial filming and high-quality aerial images, drones provide a fresh perspective that ground-level photography simply cannot achieve. DJI drones, renowned for their reliability and high-quality output, are frequently used by drone operators to document the progress of construction projects across Yorkshire and the UK.

Using the smaller drones, like the Mini series, allows us to get closer to the action with minimal risk – so you can capture those rope workers on a viaduct or steel workers high up without the risk of a heavy 5Kg of drone causing damage or injury.

Before and After Aerial Images

Civil engineering projects are a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance, and there’s no better way to showcase this than through aerial images. Capturing the uncut land before the project begins provides a stark contrast to the finished project, highlighting the transformation in a compelling way. These images serve not only as a record of progress but also as powerful promotional material for future endeavors.

The ability to document this evolution from the air adds a dramatic and engaging element to presentations and reports. By capturing both the before and after states, stakeholders can visually appreciate the scale and impact of the project in a way that ground-based photographs cannot convey.

Furthermore, these aerial images become an invaluable part of a project’s historical record. They offer a unique overview of the project’s lifecycle, from its inception to completion, serving as a visual narrative of the construction process.

Progress images and Video

Utilising drones for capturing “in progress” images and video breathes life into marketing strategies and enhances reports. These dynamic visuals offer a fresh and engaging way to showcase the development of a project, making stakeholders and potential clients feel more connected to the progress.

Video production, especially when combined with aerial filming and virtual tours, offers an immersive experience that traditional photography can’t match. It allows viewers to journey through the construction site, witnessing the transformation as it unfolds, which can be particularly powerful for press releases and marketing campaigns.

The inclusion of drone footage in filming TV documentaries or promotional videos adds a layer of depth and context to the narrative. It provides viewers with a comprehensive view of the project, highlighting the scale and complexity of construction efforts in a visually captivating way.

Captivating Aerial Views for Estate Agents and Property Showcases


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Aerial photography is revolutionising the real estate industry, offering estate agents a competitive edge in showcasing properties. The unique perspective from the air highlights features and the property’s context within its environment, making listings stand out.

How Drone Aerial Photography Is Changing Home Selling

Drone aerial photography is transforming the real estate market by providing estate agents with stunning aerial images that offer a comprehensive view of a property. These images are not just photographs; they’re powerful promotional material that captures the essence of a home and its surroundings, making listings more attractive to potential buyers.

Here are several reasons why estate agents prefer drone photos:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Drone photos provide a bird’s eye view of a property, showcasing its layout, size, and the beauty of its surroundings in a way that ground-based photographs cannot.
  • Increased Engagement: Listings featuring aerial images tend to attract more attention, engaging potential buyers by offering them a unique perspective of the property.
  • Competitive Edge: Using drone photography in listings sets estate agents apart from competitors, offering an innovative approach to home selling that can accelerate the sales process.

By leveraging the power of aerial photography, estate agents can create more compelling listings that not only highlight the property’s features but also its potential as a home.

Drone Filming: From Scenic Yorkshire Landscapes to Dynamic Urban Shots

Drone filming in Yorkshire offers an unparalleled opportunity to capture the region’s diverse beauty, from serene landscapes to bustling urban scenes. This versatility makes drone filming an invaluable tool for various projects, enhancing the visual appeal of any production.

Stunning Footage To Bring Your Video Alive

Bespoke drone footage has the power to transform any video production into a captivating visual experience. Whether it’s showcasing the dramatic landscapes of Yorkshire or bringing dynamic urban shots to life, drone filming adds a new dimension to storytelling. The ability to capture stunning aerial shots that engage and inspire viewers is what sets drone filming apart.

Additionally, for those seeking specific footage, there exists an extensive library of captured shots available for license. This offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing video productions with high-quality aerial footage, without the need for custom filming. Whether for promotional videos, documentaries, or virtual tours, the right drone footage can elevate your project to new heights.

Precision and Safety: Drone Roof Surveys

Drone roof surveys represent a fusion of precision and safety, offering a detailed view of hard-to-reach areas without the need for hazardous manual inspections. This innovative approach is changing the way roof inspections are conducted, providing accurate and comprehensive data while ensuring the safety of all involved.

The Role of Drones in Conducting Efficient Roof Surveys


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Utilising drones for roof surveys significantly enhances the efficiency and safety of the process. Traditionally, manual roof inspections involve considerable time and pose risks of injury from climbing ladders and walking on potentially unstable surfaces. Drones, however, can be deployed quickly and fly over the roof, capturing high-resolution images and videos that reveal the condition of roofing materials, gutters, and chimneys without ever putting a foot on the structure. This method not only speeds up the inspection process but drastically reduces the risk of falls and injuries, ensuring a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Moreover, drones offer the capability to access hard-to-reach areas with precision, providing detailed views of roof features that might be challenging to inspect from the ground or through direct access. This aerial perspective ensures that no defect goes unnoticed, leading to more accurate and comprehensive roof surveys. The data collected by drones enables homeowners and professionals to make informed decisions about necessary repairs or maintenance, ultimately saving time and money by preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems.

Using Mini Drones Lowers Safety Risks

Mini drones, particularly those under 250g, present a revolutionary shift in how aerial photography and surveying are conducted, especially concerning safety and operational flexibility. Unlike their larger counterparts, mini drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro are incredibly lightweight and compact, which significantly reduces the potential for injury or damage in the unlikely event of a collision or crash. Their small size enables them to be flown in more confined spaces safely, opening up new possibilities for detailed inspections and photography without the heightened risks associated with larger drones.

Furthermore, the regulations surrounding mini drones are less stringent due to their minimal risk profile. This means that they can be deployed with less paperwork and fewer bureaucratic hurdles, making them an ideal choice for quick, impromptu flights. The reduced need for extensive planning and risk mitigation measures when using mini drones not only streamlines operations but also cuts down on the costs and time involved, allowing for more spontaneous and efficient project execution.


The operational advantages of mini drones extend to their ease of use. With intuitive control systems and advanced stabilisation technologies, pilots can achieve precise manoeuvres and steady aerial shots even in challenging conditions. This user-friendly nature makes mini drones accessible to a broader range of users, from professional drone pilots to enthusiasts looking to explore aerial photography and surveying.

By incorporating mini drones into their toolkit, professionals can undertake a wide range of tasks with an unprecedented level of safety and efficiency. Whether it’s conducting roof surveys, capturing stunning aerial photography, or inspecting infrastructure, the use of mini drones minimises the risk to both the operator and the public, all while delivering exceptional results.

The Technical Edge: Equipment and Capabilities

As we mentioned above, we utilise the DJI Mini 3 Pro, a game-changer in the realm of aerial photography and videography. This state-of-the-art mini drone is not just about its compact size; it’s packed with features that provide us with a significant technical edge. The DJI Mini 3 Pro is equipped with advanced capabilities, including 4K video recording, which enables us to capture breathtaking high-resolution aerial footage with remarkable clarity and detail. Its lightweight design enhances manoeuvrability, allowing us to execute intricate aerial manoeuvres with ease, perfect for navigating the diverse Yorkshire landscapes.

The Mini 3 Pro’s impressive 48MP camera further elevates our ability to deliver high-quality aerial shots that are rich in detail. Whether it’s a sprawling urban panorama or the intricate textures of a historical site, the drone’s high-resolution imaging ensures every frame is captured with precision. This combination of 4K video and high-megapixel photography positions us at the forefront of drone technology, enabling us to offer unparalleled aerial photography services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Specialised Drone Services in Yorkshire

Our specialised drone services offer a unique combination of technical expertise and creative vision, ensuring high-quality aerial photography for your project.

Drone Filming for UK Heavy Industry: Aerial Perspectives on Industrial Might

Aerial filming and drone filming provide an unmatched vantage point to showcase the scale and operation of the UK’s heavy industry, revealing its industrial might in stunning detail.

360 Aerial Panoramas and Virtual Reality Tours: Immersive Experiences

Our 360 aerial panoramas and virtual reality tours offer immersive experiences, allowing viewers to explore locations in unparalleled detail from the comfort of their own home.

We have a ground based 360 camera too – so the images from both this and the drone can be combined to have a unique combination of sky and land based images.

Beyond Just Photography: Comprehensive Drone Usage

When you think of drone photography, it’s easy to picture stunning aerial shots of landscapes and cityscapes. However, my expertise as a GVC qualified pilot, coupled with over 2 decades of experience in photography, allows me to push the boundaries beyond traditional aerial photos. My training and certification ensure that every flight is conducted safely and in full compliance with the laws, but it’s my photographer’s eye that sets my work apart. This unique combination enables me to capture Yorkshire from angles and perspectives that others might not envision, adding an artistic flair that’s rare in drone photography.

The use of drones extends well beyond capturing pretty pictures. In my work, I’ve seen firsthand how drones can play a pivotal role in various sectors. From aiding construction projects with progress monitoring through detailed aerial imagery to providing estate agents with captivating shots that enhance property listings, the applications are vast. Furthermore, drones are invaluable for conducting roof surveys, where they offer a safe and efficient means to assess a property’s condition. This multifaceted utility underscores the comprehensive nature of drone usage in today’s world.

Moreover, my approach prioritises understanding your specific requirements to deliver tailored results that go beyond expectations. It’s not just about taking to the skies; it’s about leveraging the power of drone technology to provide solutions that meet your needs, whether that’s showcasing a property in its best light, monitoring environmental conservation efforts, or supporting infrastructure development. My commitment to excellence, combined with a keen photographic eye and technical expertise, ensures that every project is executed to the highest standard.

Supporting Yorkshire’s Infrastructure: Bridges, Roads, and Beyond


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Drones play a crucial role in the maintenance and development of Yorkshire’s infrastructure. Aerial imagery offers a bird’s-eye view of bridges, roads, and public utilities, enabling engineers and planners to assess conditions, plan projects, and monitor progress with unprecedented precision and efficiency. This not only enhances the safety and longevity of our infrastructure but also supports sustainable development goals by minimizing environmental impact during construction and maintenance phases.

Drone Filming for Estate Agents: Enhancing Property Visuals

Estate agents in Yorkshire are increasingly turning to drone photography to create compelling listings that stand out in a competitive market. By providing potential buyers with aerial views of properties, drones highlight features such as gardens, surrounding landscapes, and the property’s layout in a way that traditional photography cannot match. This elevated perspective not only enhances the visual appeal of listings but also gives buyers a better sense of the property’s scale and its relation to the surrounding area, making it an invaluable tool in modern real estate marketing.

Event Coverage

At Yorkshire Drone Photography, we’re taking event coverage to the skies with the cutting-edge Mini 3 PRO drone. This nimble piece of technology, combined with our GVC qualification, allows us to shoot closer to the action, capturing the essence of your event with breathtaking group shots and dynamic videos from above. The unique vantage point offered by our aerial photography ensures your event is remembered and cherished through stunning visuals that traditional photography simply can’t match.

The Mini 3 PRO’s versatility means we can navigate through spaces large and small, ensuring no moment is missed. Whether it’s an outdoor festival amidst Yorkshire’s vast landscapes or an intimate wedding in a quaint village, our drone captures every laugh, dance, and cheer from an exhilarating new perspective.

With the professional touch of our qualified drone pilots, each flight is meticulously planned and executed with precision. This ensures not only the safety of your guests but also the highest quality of aerial photography for your project. Let us elevate your event coverage with visuals that soar beyond your expectations, making your special occasion truly unforgettable.

Final Thoughts: Why Yorkshire’s Skyline Is Just the Beginning

Yorkshire’s skyline is only the start; our drones are set to revolutionise visuals.

Revolutionising Visuals One Drone Flight at a Time

Each flight with our drones,is a step towards a visually enriched Yorkshire.

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