Ade Wilson

I’m Ade Wilson, a commercial photographer based in Leeds, UK. With nearly two decades of clicking shutter buttons and over a decade in the industry, I’ve honed the art of capturing compelling images that not only speak but also sell. Whether you’re a business, an event organiser, or a marketing director, I’ve got the skills to elevate your visual presence.

My photography kicked off in 2003, initially as a weekend pursuit that quickly evolved into a full-time passion. Today, I specialise in on-location photography, focusing on people in action, corporate events, and various commercial settings. If you’ve got a property to showcase or require dynamic aerial shots, my Mini 3 Pro drone and I are at your service.

My approach to photography is simple yet impactful: bold, stunning lighting, high contrast, and a cinematic flair. The aim? To make each frame a visual narrative, capturing not just faces but also the ambience, the setting, and the untold stories.

While accolades like the BIY Solopreneur of the Year in 2014 add a feather to my cap, my true driving force is the ongoing learning process. The continuous journey of improvement and the rich relationships I build along the way are the real trophies in my book.

Some career highlights include photographing international conferences and unique architectural projects. These opportunities haven’t just expanded my portfolio; they’ve broadened my cultural and professional horizons, making every project a fresh and rewarding challenge.

When the camera is off, my creative outlets don’t shut down. I’m an active musician with two bands and a producer of dance music on Spotify. Occasionally, I even blend my visual and musical talents, creating unique aerial footage for multimedia projects.

Thank you for considering my services. I’m committed to delivering top-notch, engaging visuals that will elevate your brand or event. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Music Streaming

Choose from Spotify or Soundcloud to hear my latest dance/house/EDM style tunes.

Drone Videos

A few videos from the archives, accompanied by my own music.

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