Professional drone aerial photography services – A guide

Taking Your Visuals to New Heights: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Drone Aerial Photography and Filming Services

So, you want to catch the eye with some aerial wizardry, eh? Whether you’re an estate agent showing off sprawling properties or a construction boss wanting progress shots, aerial photos and films can make all the difference. In this down-to-earth guide, I’ll walk you through what you should know before hiring or becoming a professional drone operator, and why this service is worth your time and money.

Article Outline

  1. What’s the Big Deal About Drone Aerial Photography?
  2. What Services Do Professional Drone Companies Offer?
  3. How to Choose the Right Drone for Your Needs
  4. What’s Involved in A Drone Survey?
  5. What is an FPV Drone and How Does it Differ?
  6. What to Expect from Commercial Drone Photography
  7. How Do Drone Filming Services Work?
  8. The Importance of Inspection and Construction Site Drone Use
  9. Is Nationwide Drone Photography Available?
  10. What Clients Have We Worked With?

What’s the Big Deal About Drone Aerial Photography?

drone photography service

Traditional photography is amazing, but drones can capture stunning aerial views that are often impossible to get from the ground. From aerial shots of wedding venues to breathtaking footage of coastal landscapes, drones provide high-quality aerial imagery that can enhance any project. Plus, modern drones are equipped with 4K video cameras, meaning you’re not sacrificing quality for the view.

What Services Do Professional Drone Companies Offer?

A drone photography service is not just about hovering a gadget in the air and snapping away. Services range from aerial imagery to drone video production. Some even tailor their services to specific needs, like estate agent property photography or filming services for event coverage. Whatever your drone photography needs, there’s a service to match.

At McFade our services are mainly photography for property, construction and industry, and we can provide video content up to 4K

How to Choose the Right Drone for Your Needs

aerial photography

It’s a crowded sky out there, with drones ranging from simple toy models to expert drone quadcopters equipped for professional aerial photography. Your choice boils down to your project requirements. Need high-definition 4K video? Opt for a commercial drone fitted with an HD 4K video camera. Keep in mind that any drone operator you hire should be CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved. Safety first, folks.

We have mini drones which give us unprecedented access to fly almost anywhere, a decision which gives us a competitive advantage with lower planning costs. We will always do an online survey before we visit.

What’s Involved in A Drone Survey?

professional drone

Whether it’s for a construction site or an environmental study, drone surveys allow for a thorough inspection of a location. They can give a snapshot of the progress of a construction project or assess areas that might be hazardous for manual inspection. Drone technology has made it simpler and safer to acquire quality aerial views for inspection purposes.

What is FPV Drone and How Does it Differ?

First Person View (FPV) drones offer a cockpit view from the drone, often used in racing or aerial cinematography. It’s not your standard drone flying, and it brings a unique aerial perspective for your projects. It’s especially useful if you’re into things like action sports filming where you can swoop and swerve along with the subject you’re filming.

We currently don’t have these at McFade

What to Expect from Commercial Drone Photography

aerial film

From capturing aerial photos for real estate to providing a bird’s-eye view of large-scale events, commercial drone photography services offer a wide range of options. Most professional drone pilots are fully insured and certified, holding up to a million public liability insurance. So you’re not only getting unique aerial footage but also peace of mind. 

We are fully insured and hold an A2 Certificate of Competence qualification 

How Do Drone Filming Services Work?

drone survey

Drone filming projects can range from small, one-day shoots to extensive, multi-day operations. Camera operators usually work in tandem with drone pilots to capture the best footage. Depending on the package, you might also get professional editing services to turn your aerial footage into a polished final product.

We usually supply the unedited footage as standard, and if needed we can create edited videos. Most footage will be used by our 3rd party professional video producers

The Importance of Inspection and Construction Site Drone Use

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You’d be surprised how handy drones can be in construction. Aerial views can track the progress of a project, identify potential issues, and even enhance safety by reducing the need for workers to access dangerous areas. In short, drones aren’t just for pretty pictures; they’ve got some real-world utility too.

Is Nationwide Drone Photography Available?

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The short answer is yes. Many drone operators in the UK offer nationwide drone photography services. So whether you’re based in London or a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands, you’re likely to find a drone service that can meet your needs. 

We have flown as far as Ipswich and Cumbernauld near Glasgow so far. This may involve expenses for a stop over on very long trips. 

What Clients Have We Worked With?

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From construction companies to estate agents and even government agencies, the range of clients for drone services is vast. Being versatile and adaptable is key in this industry. Understanding client needs and delivering accordingly is what separates the good from the not-so-good in the aerial photography and professional drone photography worlds.

What Kind of Aerial Shots Can You Expect?

throughout the uk

The type of aerial shots you can expect will depend on the project. Aerial drone photography allows for stunning aerial drone views, showcasing landscapes or properties from angles that traditional photography services can’t offer. It’s all about capturing a unique aerial perspective, really.


  • Understand Your Needs: Different drones and services are suited for different tasks, from inspection to aerial film.
  • Safety is Crucial: Always ensure that your drone operator is CAA-approved and fully insured.
  • Drones Aren’t Just Toys: They provide a valuable service in various industries, including construction and real estate.
  • Nationwide Services Exist: No matter where you’re located, there’s likely a drone service that can meet your needs.
  • Client Versatility: A good drone photography service adapts to the needs of a wide array of clients.

There you have it! Drones might seem like a buzzword, but their utility in professional settings is undeniable. So next time you need to capture some aerial grandeur or want to keep an eye on your construction site from above, you know what to look for.

Glossary of Drone and Aerial Photography Terms

Have you ever scratched your head trying to understand the terminology in the drone and aerial photography world? You’re not alone. This glossary is designed to put an end to that head-scratching. Read on to find out what the jargon actually means in plain English.

Main Terms

  1. Drone Photography Service
    • What it means: A professional service offering photography from a drone. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not just point and shoot; there’s a lot involved like planning, permissions, and editing.
  2. Drone Operator
    • What it means: The person behind the sticks, the one who pilots the drone. They need to be CAA approved, mind you, to do any commercial work.
  3. Drone Filming
    • What it means: Similar to drone photography, but in this case, the drone captures moving images or video. It’s not just pressing the ‘record’ button; it takes skill to get those cinematic shots.

Important Terms

  1. Drone Photographer
    • What it means: A specialist in capturing still images via drone. Usually a certified drone operator with added photography experience.
  2. Drone Survey
    • What it means: Using drones to inspect or measure land or buildings. Handy for everything from construction sites to farmland.
  3. FPV Drone
    • What it means: Stands for “First Person View” drone. This type allows the operator to see in real-time what the drone’s camera is seeing, making it easier for them to navigate.
  4. Insured
    • What it means: It means the operator has insurance to cover any accidents or mishaps. Nobody wants to crash into Aunt Mabel’s greenhouse without some backup, do they?
  5. Construction Site
    • What it means: A location where building work is happening. Drones are often used to monitor progress and ensure everything’s going well.
  6. Nationwide Drone Photography
    • What it means: These operators can work throughout the UK, from John o’ Groats to Land’s End.
  7. Qualified Drone
    • What it means: A drone that meets all the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, making it legal to fly for commercial purposes

Basic Terms

  1. CAA Approved
    • What it means: Given the green light by the Civil Aviation Authority. In other words, the drone operator knows what they’re doing, and the authorities agree.
  2. UAV
    • What it means: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It’s a fancy term for a drone, usually used when people want to sound a bit more scientific..
  3. Unmanned Aerial
    • What it means: Essentially another term for ‘drone,’ but often used in more technical contexts or by people trying to sound clever.
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